Redundant Power System

The facility has a Tier III static UPS power design with 2N redundancy and runs at an average PUE of 1.35.


Multiple Caterpillar (CAT) 3512B generators support the facility and ensure consistent power is delivered the data center. We use CAT generators because of their industry-leading mechanical and electrical design, the consistent performance from the four-stroke-cycle diesel engine, and excellent fuel economy. Our Data Operations Center monitors the internal engine condition and the quality of our fuel is tested and verified by a third party.

Power Monitoring

We capture and monitor detailed power consumption information via PacketPower and their software, Power Manager. The system accurately measures true energy usage and wirelessly provides our Data Operations Center with a comprehensive, real-time view of the power usage for every cabinet.

Uninterruptible Power

Uninterruptible Power Supplies via Mitsubishi Electrical 9900B Series, 500kVA UPS with a very flat efficiency curve. Ratings of 96.3% at 100% load and even at 10% load, efficiency ratings of 93% are seen.

Power Distribution

The Starline Track Busway is a revolutionary electrical power distribution system that allows for easy reconfiguration in minutes - without losing any uptime. With easy add or remove power plug-ins across the track, maintenance is done in a live, uninterrupted environment.