Maximize ad value & customize content.

Media companies can realize value in their data by gaining insights into their customers.

Enterprise Data Platforms for the Media Industry

Today, media companies have granular data available to them that can help maximize advertising revenue when sellers know the real value of their ad space. In addition, data can provide the proof of value to advertisers by delivering click-level data that reveals massive insights when combined with their marketing cost.

According to the Harvard Business Review, there are "3 Strategic Questions the Media Industry’s Future Depends On,” including: (1) What is the right balance between humans and technology across the media advertising system?; (2) How do we maximize our creativity as an industry while integrating data-driven approaches?; and (3) When and how do we shift our business from legacy operating systems to ones that better reflect the future?

Data Realty builds end-to-end data management and analytics platforms that allow you to transform into a digital-driven business that maximizes the value of each relationship through personalization of content and advertising.

Media companies use our Data Management Platform to ingest and organize disparate big data into Hadoop (fully managed by Data Realty) which enables analytical queries and can stream data into a robust Data Analytics Platform (powered by Aunsight, a powerful data science platform developed to provide speed to insights).

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When you know more about your site's users and how are navigating your site, you can begin to personalize content and advertisting.

Analytics Focus Areas for the Media Industry

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Optimize Website Traffic

By understand who is reading content on your site, where they are coming from, how long they stay and their frequency, you can begin to maximize user advertising monetization per session.
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ROI on Marketing & Ad Spend

Use data to see daily reports of which campaigns and offers are the most successful, and how ad campaigns and marketing expenses impact inbound digital sessions, conversions and the overall business.
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Content Fit to Audience

When you understand what customers are reading, you can serve up relevant content they are likely to read. And, when a story goes viral, you can maximize ad revenue while still offering a great experience.

Questions Media Companies Can Answer with Analytics:

How can we link our app to our browser data to give a deeper analysis of the persona?
If a story goes viral, how can we maximize revenue while still offering a great experience?
What is the effectiveness of online, search, social, website, print, TV, video channels and partners?
What are our customers reading and how can we show additional content they are likely to read next?
How can we get users to login so we can track their path on our site in more detail?
How do we move from monthly reporting to real-time analytics, and transition into a data-driven culture?

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