Hadoop Data Hub

Experience the benefits of Hadoop with none of the hassle — our fully hosted and managed Hadoop Data Hub is designed and optimized for the analysis of data.

Data is Disparate

Businesses have data silos in different locations and have data structured in varied ways. CRM systems, accounting packages, spreadsheets, and outsourced systems all tell a story about a business. Unfortunately, many executives access this information as individual reports and only see fragments of their business at a time.

Transfer Data Securely

The process of transferring data can be cumbersome and often results in transfer errors. Data Realty has the solution — the Data Gateway creates an encrypted, secure tunnel between client’s internal networks and the Hadoop Data Hub. IT team members can easily monitor, manage, and control all data streams.

Aggregate Your Data on Hadoop

Data Realty’s Hadoop Data Hub is a hosted and managed, compliant cluster of hardware and software that has been optimized for data analytics. All data is converted to HDFS, the Hadoop-native file structure. At this point, data is aggregated, organized, and ready to be cleaned for analysis.