Optimize the educational experience.

Let data power your institution. Colleges and universities realize value by analyzing data, giving them insights into their students, prospective students, and donors.

Enterprise Data Platforms for Educational Institutions

Today, data is informing administrators and helping them solve problems – from common scheduling problems, to more complex problems, such as optimizing scholarship dollars for recruiting and reducing student attrition rates.

Traditionally, institutions have dedicated resources (human and capital) to solving just one of the common problems, but with better data-driven information, resources can be used to tackle the complex challenges. The overall educational experience for the student body is optimized.

Data Realty builds data management and analytics platforms that give you insights into your students, prospective students, and donors, allowing institutions to: provide the optimal educational experience; improve educational outcomes; recruit the right students; and enhance the schools’ fundraising efforts.

Higher education institutions use our Data Management Platform to ingest and organize disparate big data into Hadoop (fully managed by Data Realty) which enables analytical queries and can stream data into a robust Data Analytics Platform (powered by Aunsight, a powerful data science platform developed to provide speed to insights).

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Analytics can give insights into how best to improve the student experience – from recruitment to graduation, and beyond.

Analytics Focus Areas for Educational Institutions

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Student Recruitment & Retention

Identify students that will benefit the most from scholarships, and attend as a result; in addition, understand who your ideal student in attendance is, in order to attract more of the same.
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Use data to see which classes are the most popular and investigate whether you could be losing revenue due to staffing inefficiencies; or, see which is the best method to communicate with each student.
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Growth &

Learn which of the current student body should be cultivated for future donor messaging based on your past donor demographics, along with other data predictions, such as who will be the next million-dollar donor.

Questions Colleges & Universities Can Answer with Analytics:

What is the best allocation of my professors? Per class offering? Per classroom?
What is the best way to communicate with each student in order to get a response?
Using demographic information from our top students, how do we attract similar students for enrollment?
What method of student recruitment is the most successful for us?
What is the appropriate level of funds for clubs and activities given the amount of student involvement?
How do we recruit grateful grads, and what is the most effective method to reach them?

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