Cooling System & Sustainability

South Bend has a unique mix of electricity, with three hydroelectric dams and only 60% coal usage, clients benefit from the low cost of power.

Evaporative Condensing

Evaporative condensing technology is a new solution for data center cooling, which is more efficient than traditional systems by over 300%. Our chillers operate as low as 0.05 Kw per ton, compared to standard chillers at 0.35-0.70 Kw per ton.

Air Handling

The computer room air handler (CRAH) units include eight 50-ton units powered by dual electrical sources. We specify an additional redundant CRAH unit for every three required (N+1). Each UPS room is supported by two dedicated and redundant 10-ton CRAH units.


The facility was designed with as many sustainable features as possible, while still maintaining the integrity of the data center. You’ll notice even the little things, like the lighting in the kitchen is designed to conserve energy.