Use data to retain & gain subscribers.

Let data power your business. Broadband providers realize value by analyzing data, giving them insights into their subscribers.

Enterprise Data Platforms for Broadband Providers

Today, the industry is facing the reality that subscribers are “cutting the cord,” and providers are limited to specific geographic areas. There is a fixed number of potential subscribers, and they seem to be leaving providers as fast as they are added.

Providers have increased retention by using data to understand the digital triggers that indicate a customer is considering unsubscribing – and intervening before a decision is made and the cord is cut.

Data Realty builds data management and analytics platforms that allow you to increase wallet share of current subscribers while acquiring the most high value new subscribers at the lowest acquisition cost. This insight allows you to maximize the value of your messages to them – which increases insights and conversions while strengthening relationships with your subscribers.

Cable and broadband providers use our Data Management Platform to ingest and organize disparate big data into Hadoop (fully managed by Data Realty) which enables analytical queries and can stream data into a robust Data Analytics Platform (powered by Aunsight, a powerful data science platform developed to provide speed to insights).

Many cable subscribers are "cutting the cord," yet increasing their consumption of streaming media. Broadband companies have the opportunity to capitalize on this market shift.

Analytics Focus Areas for Broadband Providers

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In order to win new customers, you must first understand your existing customers. Gain a competitive advantage by segmenting your customer base with your own data in order to reveal deeper insights.
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Wallet Share & New
Subscriber Acquisition

Target new subscribers that “look like” your current best ones, and learn how to encourage loyal subscribers to use additional products and/or services specific to their individual needs.
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Subscriber Retention &
Churn Detection

Increase retention and reduce churn by understanding the digital triggers that indicate a customer is considering unsubscribing, and intervene before the decision is made to switch providers or cut the cord.

Questions Broadband Providers Can Answer with Analytics:

What offers yield the best results? Which retain the best subscribers?
How do we better target offers, using demographic and additional data to better focus our efforts?
Do contracts tied to more aggressive offers help or hurt with acquisition and churn?
How can I reduce my subscriber churn?
Should we provide different retention offers to different subscribers based on their value to the company?
Is there a correlation between my network and subscriber data/geography?

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