There is More Than One Cloud: Public, Private and Hybrid Clouds All Live at Data Realty

The discussion almost always starts the same way. A business is facing a substantial investment in upgrading IT infrastructure, which is usually caused by equipment nearing the end of its useful life, or because the business is growing beyond the current infrastructure supporting the equipment. In either case, the needed capital investment is high and, when the money has been spent, the organization is again headed down a path to the same upgrade-expansion investment cycle again in a few years.

Increasingly, businesses are looking to "the clouds" to break that cycle. In this case, the cloud is where computing is done, where data lives, connections are made and applications are run. These types of clouds typically come in three shapes: public, private and hybrid. Experts affiliated with three IT Solutions Providers say the hybrid cloud can be the best solution for businesses considering making the transition away from maintaining their own computing centers.

In particular, the Northern Indiana data center operated by Data Realty is an ideal place to locate clouds. Not only because of the modern and reliable infrastructure; but also, because of their data management and analytics services. Data Realty helps business leaders harness unique data sets to unleash innovation and fuel the economic engine of their companies.

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