Data Realty's 2016 Annual Maintenance Report: Now Available

Each year, Data Realty and our data center staff members take part in extensive maintenance activities to ensure that our South Bend, Indiana, facility can provide the top-notch services our clients expect. Our industry-leading and state-of-the-art data center components are continually checked and updated to guarantee their working order, and for transparency, we've put together this report.

This year, our staff completed a total of 750 maintenance activities, helping to guarantee that our data center is continually connected, always operational and can provide the level of service our customers have come to expect.

Data Realty's 2016 Annual Maintenance Report provides an in-depth overview of the inspections and necessary maintenance processes that took place this year at our Indiana data center. This report is now available to you, our clients. For more information, contact us at for access the full report.

An overview

Our South Bend data center contains a range of critical infrastructure equipment to power the environments used by our clients. Updating and maintaining our data center is a top priority, and we leverage a specific schedule for inspecting major components within the facility. Many items are examined biannually, and any maintenance that is required as a result of those inspections is completed as quickly as possible. This year, our staff completed a total of 750 maintenance activities, helping to guarantee that our data center is continually connected, always operational and can provide the level of service our customers have come to expect. These processes also help ensure that should any component failure or natural disaster befall our Indiana data center, effective and efficient backup systems are in place to prevent any outage.

Overall, this year's maintenance activities focused on five main areas:

  1. Diesel generators

  2. Uninterruptible power supply system

  3. Fire detection and suppression

  4. Cooling systems

  5. General maintenance

Below, we'll take a look at each in more detail:

  • Diesel generators: Data Realty leverages two diesel generators at our Indiana data center. Each is covered and protected, and has the ability to provide N+1-level redundancy including backup battery banks, charging systems and starter motors. Inspections on our generators take place in February and August, and all fluids are regularly tested and replaced. In addition, the generators are powered on and ran for 30 minutes each Wednesday to ensure their full working order.

  • Uninterruptible power supply system: Data Realty uses an array of Mitsubishi 9900B UPS systems to ensure that power is constantly flowing through the data center's technology components. All UPS system parts are inspected, tested and updated as necessary twice a year by factory-certified technicians. This year, a battery included in the UPS system was found to be outside approved service limits and was replaced in early November.

  • Fire detection and suppression: We also utilize several different fire detection and suppressions systems throughout our South Bend facility, including smoke detection technology, sprinkler systems and fire extinguishers. Each fire suppression container and battery is inspected in June as well as in December. We also complete a full inspection of the entire fire detection and suppression system at the end of year. 

  • Cooling systems: Cooling technologies are key in any data center, helping to prevent servers and other critical equipment from overheating. Data Realty uses a fully redundant cooling system in each room containing heat-sensitive components, as well as Smardt chillers, Evapco condensing towers and Liebert air handlers for cooling data suites. An annual inspection of our facility's backflow device takes place in March, and monthly inspections take place on cooling towers. In addition. Each CRAH unit is inspected semi-annually by a Liebert-authorized professional.

  • General maintenance: These processes take place at regular intervals to ensure smooth operations and high-level service. Rust prevention on our outside enclosures takes place twice a year, and all air filters are checked and replaced as needed four times a year. In addition, the de-ionized water system is inspected and maintained twice a year, and the data suite humidifiers are inspected and maintained annually.

  • This year, unplanned maintenance also took place to install heat trace on outdoor pipes and to replace two batteries within our UPS systems.

Our annual report provides even more detail, as well as information about field service reports and inspection certifications examples. To access the full report, please complete the form below, and contact us at and we’ll provide you with more information about our industry-leading South Bend data center facility.