Data Realty: Lowest energy costs across the colocation industry

Pic of Power Line Infrastructure

In recent years, the spotlight has been shone on the data center industry, particularly when it comes to its power usage. Increasing energy consumption and electricity costs have become a greater challenge for customers seeking efficient, low-cost data center support. And with resources like the cloud and colocated data center environments now forming the backbone for nearly every business industry, the struggle to find a service provider that offers a balance of effective energy consumption alongside low-cost power is more important than ever before.

Enter Data Realty, a colocation service provider that's blazing a trail through the data center industry in terms of efficient, cost-effective energy support. Businesses seeking the lowest priced and most optimally utilized power need look no further than our expert colocated infrastructure support.

Power costs: Lowest in the industry

As a broker or business owner, one of your main objectives is your bottom line. And when it comes to data center power usage, lower costs mean more competitively priced services. Here at Data Realty, we're proud to offer some of the lowest costs per kilowatt hour – not only in the country, but across the entire globe.

  • Data Realty is on the cutting edge of power consumption, with a 1.2 power usage effectiveness rating at our facilities. Our data center draws approximately 500 kW each day, and thanks to our efficient electricity consumption, 400 kW are fully dedicated to our clients' colocated environments and cloud environments.
  • We work closely with our utility provider to ensure we're taking advantage of the best cost per kilowatt hour possible. We recently adjusted our utility contract, switching from a large general service rate to an industrial power rate. This means we now pay a lower rate for each kWh – where we once paid 6 cents, we now pay 4.9 cents.
  • Other service providers in the industry pay anywhere from 9 cents to 16 cents per kWh, or even more.

The benefits for Data Realty clients

What do all of these numbers mean for our Data Realty colocation clients? In a nutshell, we pass these energy savings along to our customers in the form of the most competitively priced services and electricity costs possible.

As colocation continues to become increasingly popular among businesses and brokers in every industry, clients are seeking higher density environments that can support their needs. While this may have translated to incredibly expensive services in the past – particularly for data centers located on the east and west coasts – Data Realty is able to provide for these high-density needs at some of the lowest costs possible.

Our data centers are located in the heart of the country, with our flagship facility in Northern Indiana as well as a new Chicago data center slated to open very soon. This enables us to leverage cost-effective nuclear power as well as other efficient sources to support our facilities and our customers' needs. Best of all, with our robust power grid, we provide some of the best reliability in the industry – since opening our Indiana data center, we have not experienced a single power outage. This means your critical infrastructure is always supported – our clients enjoy 100 percent uptime, seven days a week, 365 days a year.

Data Realty: A leader in the industry

Power has always been a staple of the colocation industry, and that isn't going to change anytime soon. As demands increase for reliable, cost-effective colocation support, Data Realty will continue to offer some of the lowest prices in the entire industry.

For more information, visit our website and contact one of our expert service agents today.