Brain Gain: Data Realty and Aunalytics Attract Talent to South Bend, Indiana

Data Realty and Aunalytics Office Space

For years, officials in the Midwest, and specifically the Michiana region, have been worried about the exodus of top graduates from the area. Places with heavy tech presence like Silicon Valley, or more popular cities like Portland, Oregon, have been gaining in popularity with the younger generation and, as a result, have attracted more talented individuals and recent graduates. According to the South Bend Tribune's Kevin Allen, this phenomenon has been given the name "brain drain" – as graduates from schools in the Michiana region have been leaving the area, the strength of the local economy has been called into question.

However, at Data Realty and Aunalytics, we have quite a few talented folks who decided to put down their roots here in South Bend – some homegrown and some attracted from all parts of the country. Every one of our full-time employees has at least a bachelor's degree, and our young team is full of vibrant characters who contribute to the growth of South Bend in a meaningful, productive way.

Who Are We?

There's a lot of people power involved in the work that we do at Data Realty and Aunalytics, and part of why we're so successful is because of the talented people we attract. Let's meet a few of the team members helping us carve success out of the Michiana region:

Greg Davis: President at Aunalytics Greg graduated from the University of Notre Dame with both his master's degree and a joint Ph.D. in cognitive psychology and computer science. Greg chose to stay in town when he graduated, and he and his wife Heather Short-Davis, who received a bachelor's degree in Marketing and Advertising from Indiana University South Bend and who is the director of marketing here at Data Realty and Aunalytics, are expecting their first child later this year.

Dave Cieslak: Vice President of Data Science at Aunalytics Dave has a bachelor's, master's and Ph.D. in computer science from the University of Notre Dame. His wife, Julie, is the creative manager at Aunalytics and has a bachelor's degree in arts, psychology and graphic design from the University of Notre Dame. They welcomed their first child earlier this year and are finding this is a great place to raise a family.

Marian Hodges: Vice President of Product Delivery at Data Realty Marian has a master's of business administration from the Sloan School of Management at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology. Marian has been instrumental in the growth and success of Data Realty, bringing her experience at large companies like the South Bend Tribune and Sprint to the job. She is happy to have moved to the area and particularly enjoys the running community and events like the Sunburst.

Patrick Ridenour: Data Engineer at Data Realty Patrick received a bachelor's degree in computer applications and political science from the University of Notre Dame in 2014. After graduating, he moved to Dallas to work for PepsiCo as a data analyst. However, in 2016, we were able to bring him back home to South Bend as a data engineer – once again proving that Data Realty and Aunalytics are committed to keeping our talent in the region.

A Reason to Remain

Why are these recent graduates staying in the area instead of gravitating toward the more tech-heavy regions like Silicon Valley? It's all thanks to the good work Data Realty and Aunalytics are doing in the area of data analysis and consulting services. We're giving back to the community – by working with companies to develop complicated algorithms and helping them rethink their data, we're contributing to the overall well-being of the area.

"It gets back to the use cases of what we're doing and that's really going to benefit all the companies in the area, because now their analysts are going to be smarter about how they're going to use data," said Kyle Davis, the director of consumer analytics at Aunalytics. "Hopefully that grows all the companies around here and then we can hopefully recruit and retain some of the talent from the universities in the area, and even some from outside the area."

So there you have it: The talented group of people at Data Realty and Aunalytics have put down roots in the Michiana area, and they're working to strengthen the local economy and provide meaningful services to the companies in the region. That's why we're a vital part of the area as a whole.

We're Hiring

Get in touch with us for more information. Both Aunalytics and Data Realty are hiring now and seeking new team members. Click here to see the Aunalytics job openings, and follow this link to see the Data Realty job openings.