Get to know your customers.

Let data power your business. Advanced manufacturing firms realize value by analyzing data, giving them insights into end consumers, and allowing them to strengthen relationships with channel partners.

Enterprise Data Platforms for Advanced Manufacturing

In Advanced Manufacturing, it’s all about the end customers. Often referred to as Business to Business to Consumer (B2B2C) because managers want to understand the behavior and preferences of their true end customers, not the retail store that happens to be selling their products to the end consumer.

Today, this industry is working to understand what digital signals and indicators their end consumers are sending in order to gauge where they are in their customer journey. With that information, manufacturers can communicate the right messages at the right time to their potential buyers. In addition, everyone in Advanced Manufacturing is looking at the Internet of Things (IoT) to understand how consumers are using products and how to overlay that big data onto marketing and advertising ROIs.

Data Realty builds data management and analytics platforms that allow you to know where your customers, and prospective customers, are in the loyalty loop. This insight allows you to maximize the value of your messages to them – which increases insights and conversions while strengthening relationships with your channel partners.

Advanced manufacturing and B2B2C enterprises use our Data Management Platform to ingest and organize disparate big data into Hadoop (fully managed by Data Realty) which enables analytical queries and can stream data into a robust Data Analytics Platform (powered by Aunsight, a powerful data science platform developed to provide speed to insights).

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Gaining insights into the end consumer's wants and needs can help manufacturing companies craft winning business strategies.

Analytics Focus Areas for B2B2C

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End Consumer

Understand what digital signals and indicators end consumers are sending in order to gauge where they are in their customer journey.
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Channel Partners

Share information with (& from) your supply chain and channel partners to enable your allies to garner more sell-through and be more informed.
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Advertising Spend vs. Success

Compare how customers are (& are not) responding to marketing and advertising efforts, then overlay that information with cost data to capture ROIs.

Questions Businesses Can Answer with Analytics:

What are the major drivers of online consumer activity?
What are the key drivers of online activity for the Major High Value Actions?
How does advertising spend correlate to Major High Value Actions?
Validate Ad spend vs. Unit Sales Performance?
What is the geographical / regional distribution of consumer activity? What impacts this?
What combinations of products are being reviewed? By source? By location?

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